Why I am not worried about quality in my work.

I have been posting 2 images a day on my Instagram for quite a while now and have recently started writing an article a day. Most people are not able to do it because they are afraid that if they do the quality of their work will suffer. For any creative, quality of our work is supremely important but what we fail to realize is that this quality is subjective to the eyes of the viewer.

If you are a photographer and you feel like a certain image is simply amazing and you should get an award for this image but as soon as you post it online, it bombs. You feel nobody cares about your best work but sometimes you post an image which you think is not good enough and suddenly it blows up. I have been through this process and I have realized that creative work is always subjective and it is the market which decides whether something is good or not. So next time you feel a certain image is not good enough just try posting it anyway and let the market decide if they like it or not.


The realization that my work is subjective has given me the freedom to be unafraid to post all my work online. It allows me to be free to post the work I feel is not up to the mark to test out what the public likes and what not. This is the reason I am able to post 2 images a day on Instagram every day without being afraid of what people might think. And this is also the reason I am willing to post an article every day and the only obstacle I face is writing every day.

So whatever fear you have that cripples you from putting your work out there, drop it and just share your work. Whether it is photography, writing, music or video just share your work and let the world decide whether it is good or not. Give yourself theĀ permission to fail and you will succeed.

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