Why I pay $5 to Medium every month!

A couple of years ago I was visiting a friend in Pune. On that trip, he introduced me to this new app called as Medium. I asked him what this app was and he told me that it is an app where you can read articles online. And there are some really good articles hosted on it. So, on his suggestion, I gave it a try and within minutes I was hooked!

My love of reading found its Mecca!

Ever since I was a kid I used to watch my father read a lot of books. Eventually, I caught the same habit of reading as well. So, I have been reading books, all my life and it doesn’t matter whether it is comics, fiction, biographies, non-fiction or any other genre. But when I reached college things changed, priorities changed and it became really difficult to read books. I never had the time or the patience to read an entire book. And I used to get so angry because I loved reading so much and I was just not able to do that. But then I was introduced to this new app which changed my life.

Medium is a reading, writing and blogging platform where people come together and share their thoughts, ideas, stories, and feeling.

If you read just to pass the time, Medium is for you.

If you are an avid reader, Medium is for you.

If you like to write stories, Medium is for you.

If you like to do a daily blog, Medium is for you.

If you like to share your knowledge, experience, grievances, Medium is for you.

Basically, if you are interested in any form of written content of any genre, Medium is the platform for you.

What makes Medium so great?

Design and UI of Medium are so simple and intuitive that it never feels like you are reading something on the internet. There are no Ads, no banners to distract you while you read something. And this is the primary reason why it gained so much attention is such a short span of time. Right now it has almost 25-30 million monthly active users which makes it one of the biggest platforms right now.

Due to this insane popularity of the platform, It now has some of the greatest minds on the internet. These amazing people share such incredible content that it becomes an obvious decision to join Medium. And I had already fallen in love with it because I was able to read so much great content without having to pick up any book.

Another great feature of Medium is that it tells you how long it will take to read a particular article. For example, this article you are reading right now will take around minutes to read. This information allows you to pick and choose articles that you want to read. And not worry about your boss looking at your screen wondering what has he been reading for so long! Also, sometimes when you don’t know how long an article is, you read for five minutes and realize this was just the introduction! So, when articles on Medium had the “time to read” on top of the article, I fell in Love.

Becoming a Medium Member!

In March 2017, I received an email from Ev Willams (Founder) talking about a membership program. In this program, I will have to pay a $5 monthly to receive a new user experience. Under this new user experience, they will show me a curated list of articles updated three times a day instead of an endless feed. Also, this subscription fee is used to pay the writers and creators of all the amazing content on the platform. All these new ideas and features just made me so happy because this was a step in the right direction for this platform. And with this, I jumped on this offer and quickly signed up to be a Medium Member.

This conscious decision to pay $5 every month has been the most rewarding decision of this year so far. Especially compared to paying Rs. 650 per month for the Netflix subscription so I can watch House of Cards. I know most of my friends will say you can watch it for free in India. But I am a creative I know how much time, effort and money these showrunners invest in these shows. And piracy robs them of all the credit and reward that they deserve for creating these amazing pieces of work.

Which brings me to the latest update of the member program, which is the Partner program. As a partner, we can earn money for writing on Medium. Which is the best update so far to this platform according to me. Because this encourages and rewards the creators to create more high-quality content. And rewarding the creators is the greatest deed Medium as a company could have done. Because as I said earlier, creators invest their blood, sweat, and tears to create really good quality content and they deserve to be rewarded for it.

I was also offered to become a partner of Medium and get paid to write. But as of now, there chosen payment service cannot make payments in India so I was not able to join. But according to Yourfriends@medium (Support Team), they will soon start serving other countries, so there is hope. Even the fact that I was offered to be a partner in this amazing community is a great achievement for me and I makes me love Medium even more. And this love for this amazing platform is the reason I pay $5 every month!

And this love for this amazing platform is the reason I willingly pay $5 every month!

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