I got sucked into a black hole of reading

Recently, I have inculcated a habit to read 2-5 different articles on Medium during the day. These articles are generally from various genres such as Business, Self-Development, Writing, Creative work etc. And I usually pick them at random based on the title, publication, author or my mood. So, today I was going through the same process and I had already read a couple of good pieces. But I picked up an article by Srinivas Rao titled 7 Hard Truths About Building a Creative Career. I chose to read this article because the title piqued my interest. And also because I am thinking about pursuing a creative career and I have a ton of anxieties about it.

So, I started reading this article and point after point the writer was able to alleviate all my anxieties. Along the article, he had also thrown in links to so many different supporting articles. Articles which provide different in-depth tools and insights about writing which is his creative career. Reading along I naturally started reading all those links one by one. And it was too late when I realized that it was a black hole of reading. Where I ended up reading more than 5 articles written by him and others.

And being inside that black hole was the best 2 hours of my day. These articles stimulated my brain in such an incredible way that now I will have a creative weekend. Also, it gave me a blueprint to set up my life in a way that I can create the launching pad. A set of values, schedules, systems which would allow me to launch my career as a creative.

Or using Srinivas Rao’s words: Today, his articles planted seeds that will eventually help me become who I want to be.

The Black Hole

So what is this set of amazing articles which were able to engulf me into this black hole? The articles that I read today all come along in the same category and talk about the same topic. They all talk about writing, writing as a career, how to come up with ideas to write about and others. All these topics until now were abstract questions floating around in my head with no lead or guidance. And after reading these articles I was able to answer and connect these questions in my head. They helped me figure out what I need to do to achieve my goals.

And I hope these articles are able to help you just as much as they have helped me. Below are all the links for all the articles.

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How to consistently come up with ideas to write about.



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