I am Happy

I used to be Unhappy and Unsatisfied with my life because I used to let all sorts of external factors to affect me. I used to feel my friends are earning more than me, they are living in better cities where they have more opportunities and what not. And all these things used to make me feel unhappy and irritated. But recently I realized I am happy and I have a fulfilling life. So I did some introspection to figure out why and how I got to this place where I am happy and satisfied.

These are the reasons that make me happy in my life:

I am happy because I took control of my life.

As I said earlier I used to compare my life to others and feel worthless because they were all in a better place than I was. And another reason for this unhappiness was that I was living my life on autopilot. Every decision, every turn, every activity was going on without any direction from me. They were happening as if written in a script, my own destiny was not in my hands. But over the last few months, I have taken control of my life and that has made all the difference. I started doing things that I enjoy and love and systematically I removed all the negatives from my life. And this activity made me feel more positive, motivated, inspired and best of all I found my creative side which I never knew existed. And all this happened because I was in control my life was not governed by the external factors anymore it was governed by my internal goals and targets.

I am happy because I don’t care what others think of me!!

Another reason I and most of the people are not able to do what they want to do or achieve the goals they want to achieve is because they are worried about what others think of them. They are worried about what their friends and family are going to think. They think will my parents judge me for not following a more traditional career. Will they be disappointed if I do something different from what was planned for me?  I used to feel that way too even though I was fronting since forever that I don’t care, it doesn’t matter to me but it did. I was always looking for approval for everything I did, and I was not ready to acknowledge this.

But internally I knew somewhere this was the case and it is the reason I am not able to achieve my full potential. So after avoiding this for years when I decided to take control of my life the first thing I decided was to fix this issue. I purposefully started noticing when I was looking for an external approval or when I was worried about the opinion of the world. And every time this happened I would simply change it and do what I want to do anyway. And slowly this became a habit and now I don’t have to think about it and I am able to do what I want without worrying about anyone.

I am happy because I know the power of patience.

My Father is 60+ years old and he retired from his 35-year long job recently and even before he had retired he had a plan for his retirement. He had completed his degree in Law over 30 years ago and he decided that he will pursue his original career choice of being a lawyer at this age. And within 6 months he was a registered member of the Bar council and started working with a senior lawyer to learn the ropes of his new career.

If my father at such an age can re-invent his life and land on his feet then I am just 25 I have at least 3 more quarters of a century to live. And the way medical sciences are progressing it may be even more. So why am in a rush I have such a long time to live. I can do anything in so much time, I can fail a million times, I can try a million different things and I can definitely make millions. So I decided to be patient in the long run knowing that nothing is going to happen overnight and I have my entire life to work hard towards my goals.

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I am happy because I am happy!!

Happiness is contagious if you get it once and you pass it along to someone it will eventually come back to you. And if you follow this process enough times it will create a cycle that will ensure that you are always happy. So I simply follow my passions and try my best to put a smile on the face of my audience. Because if I am able to do that someday somewhere that smile will come back to me.

Because What goes around comes back around.

These are the reasons I am absolutely Happy right now and I am in a place in my life that I am in control of it completely. So are you happy in your life like I am right now or are you in the place where I was in the beginning? Tell me.