My Why? In the 9-5 working world my goal is to live a 24-hour life!


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Blogging For so many years I have been writing for others, I wrote for my school, I wrote for my college. Only now when I started writing for myself, I realized how much I enjoy writing.

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Travel Photography

I was never comfortable in front of the camera, just a few years ago I realized I am more suited behind the lens. Since then I have been chasing the high of photography.

  • Jodhpur


  • Chicago


  • Ladakh


  • Chicago


  • Ladakh


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Software Developer

IT experience of more than three years as a Software Developer.


February 2017

Motorcycle Touring

Went on my first solo ride to Udaipur, Rajasthan and chased my passion of Travel, Photography and Riding.

Travel Photography

On my trip to Chicago USA I found my love for photography and Travel.

January 2017

October 2016

Launched my Blog

Started chronicling my journey to find my Purpose in this world while chasing my passions.

Launched My First App

Launched my first app “Pomodoro Clock” on the Play Store.

April 2016

September 2014

Associate Professional at CSC

Joined the Computer Sciences Corporation as an Associate Professional: Product Developer.

Graduated From College

Bachelor of Engineering

May 2014

Indore, India
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